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Dojo News for June

June 7, 2012

June is here and the birds are singing in my garden and Birankai Summer Camp will be starting in seven days!  Those of you not attending will be responsible for keeping the dojo alive in spirit and through training.  The teaching schedule during my absence will be announced shortly.

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Birankai NA Summer Camp starts next weekend.  If you are not attending, there are still ways you can participate.  This year's raffle is one of them.  There are many exciting prizes being offered (see the site) which include original artwork, weapons rack and sculpture.  Also, this year three special prizes are being added to the raffle: mat fee waivers for British Birankai Summer Camp, Polish Birankai Summer Camp, and Israeli Birankai Summer Camp.  And, as always - the grand prize:  tuition, room and board for Summer Camp 2013 which will be held in San Francisco.

Our dojo is contributing a beautiful, Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt lamp that has curative properties and acts as a natural air purifier.  For those of you not able to attend this Summer Camp, any contribution you can make towards our prize will be appreciated.

As you probably know by now, Nate Burd will be testing for nidan and fukushidoin (assistant teacher certification), so please send your positive energy to him on the night of the test.

We will be holding examinations at the dojo on Saturday, July 14.  If you would like to test, or are unsure as to whether you are ready to do so, please come and see me.

Thank you and with much appreciation to all,
- Sensei


Good luck Nate, I know you'll do well!