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Dojo News for November

November 1, 2012

I first want to thank Kev Liu and Sara Nishi for all the work they put in to making our Juniors' Day so enjoyable.  The testing revealed how well the children are developing and how seriously they take their aikido.  And for me, to address a mixed class that included both our adults and many of the young ones together, was a treat.  Animal walks and adults should come together more often! Read more...

The day continued with pizza at the park and a game that tied everyone in knots, literally, and was a challenge to unravel - please talk to participants for more details!

Following is our schedule for the month of November through the New Year:

  • Wednesday, October 31st is Hallowe'en.  Since so many of our members have children the dojo will be closed.
  • November 3/4 - we are hosting Phil Vargas Sensei from Albuquerque.  Please make every effort to support the seminar - beginning students are welcome and will be cared for!
  • As you all know well by now, there will be a pot-luck after training on Saturday evening in the dojo.  There are many ways to contribute, please see sign-up sheets in the dojo. 
  • DAY LIGHT SAVINGS changes the night of the 3rd/4th - so we will have an extra hour to lie in on Sunday morning!
  • Monday, November 12 is Veterans' Day. The dojo will close unless there is a quorum for a class.
  • The weekend of November 17/18 - the dojo is being used for a weapon's seminar organized by Brian Stokes.  NCA Saturday adult classes will be held outdoors - R.C. will organize and advise time and place. Our kids' class will be held at the dojo as usual.
  • Thursday, November 22 is Thanksgiving and the dojo will again be closed.
  • December 8/9 - San Diego Aikikai will be hosting a seminar with Lorraine DiAnne Shihan.  Details to follow.
  • Saturday, December 15 - NCA Holiday Party! 
  • The dojo will be closed after the last class Thursday, December 20th and will reopen Saturday, January 5th for the New Year.

With appreciation for all that you do,

- Sensei