Dojo News

The T.K. & Mitsuko Chiba Teachers' Endowment Fund

August 1, 2013

Birankai has started a fundraising drive to establish an endowment that will be able to assist dojos in their efforts to bring quality Aikido, Iaido and Zazen to their members through seminars. We will not be depending solely on our students for donations but will be reaching out into our communities for support. We have a national goal to raise $400,000 in 4 years and we are hoping that each dojo in Birankai will establish a personal goal within that time. Read More...

Our dojo goal will be $10,000 in the 4 years. Already we have a volunteer, Andrea Van Wagner, who enthusiastically is willing to give her expertise and ideas to motivate us and help guide us to our goal. She has proposed and is already working on hosting an event for all our dojo members (including San Diego Aikikai), their friends, families and donors later on in the year. This will include entertainment, a raffle/silent auction, and will be an opportunity "to bring members together as a community, celebrate our fundraising efforts, keep motivation high by recognizing individuals and their commitment and to thank people for their time and donations" (Andrea). I want you all to meet Andrea soon and will be arranging a time for us to get together. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

This is a very exciting opportunity that will have the added benefit of making us more conscious of the value of what we do and how it effects our lives and others, as well as bringing us to the attention of a wider community. More soon!