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In Honor of Mark Murashige Shihan

October 13, 2013

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Mark Morikhiko Murashige, Shihan on October 11, 2013 at home. He was one of San Diego Aikikai's (and Birankai's) influential instructors. Known by his gentle, humble demeanor, and mischevious streak, he has touched the lives of many. Read More...

The following is a heartfelt tribute to Murashige Shihan as written by Mike Flynn, Shihan.

Earlier today I received news I have long expected but never wanted. A true Lion of our Birankai community, and someone who for a long time I have called friend and brother, has journeyed to a better place. I for one, and I know this is a sentiment shared by almost all who knew him, have treasured our encounters with him over the years. He made me a part of his family over 30 years, and I continue to be awestruck by who and what he was. He taught us all some very valuable lessons and demonstrated the way for us. He couldn’t really show us much about ego, because he didn’t have any. He was a lesson in humility. He was an exceptional example of Big Aikido. He was always ready to share a laugh, and as small as he was in stature, he could always fill a room with his presence. He never stopped trying to improve himself, in fact in our last meeting in San Diego he used me to destroy some furniture during a visit. He genuinely cared for people and lived for his family. I was honored to be able to accept his Shihan Certificate from Doshu in 2008 due to his illness. What a humbling experience for me, knowing that not only was he recognized as a Shihan for his Aikido abilities, but as long as I have known Mark Murashige he always been a SHIHAN of LIFE! I will miss you, all who have known you will miss you, and we will treasure what you have given us Always. I’m glad you are at peace my brother. Until the next encounter!

From the internet

Born in Obatake village in the Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1945, Morihiko (Mark) Murashige began studying aikido under with his father Aritoshi Murashige at the age of 17. After meeting O-Sensei and Chiba sensei Murashige moved to Tokyo and began his training at Hombu Dojo. For six years he studied daily under O-sensei and Yamaguchi sensei under the guidance of Chiba, Kanai, and Yamada sensei among others. In 1965 Murashige began teaching at Yamada sensei's dojo in New York. Three years later he returned to Japan, and after several more moves settled in San Diego where he joined Chiba sensei after the opening of San Diego Aikikai in 1981.

This Saturday, Oct 26 we will pay our respects to Sensei Mark Murashige by dedicating our 10:15 practice to him. We will be expecting visitors from other dojos as well. All members are invited to this memorial practice. We will have a box available for donations which will be presented to the Murashige family.