Dojo News

Dojo News for April

April 2, 2016
April is almost here and promises to be a busy month for the dojo.
  • April 2nd - On the first Saturday of the month, April 2nd, there will be tests for both our junior and adult students.  Much preparation goes into these tests and I hope to see many of you on the mat to support them. Testing starts at 9:00 am for juniors and 10:15 am for adults.
  • Sunday, April 24th @ 11 am - O’Sensei’s memorial day is on April 26th.  As this falls on a Tuesday this year, we will honor his memory by holding another 1,000 cut suburi practice on the preceding Sunday, April 24th, starting at 11 am.  Those of you who have participated before know how intimidating 1,000 suburi sounds, but how exhilarating one feels to complete them.  Start preparing now with a daily practice that builds up to the 1,000 cuts!
  • Friday, April 29th through Sunday May 1st - Genjo Marinello Osho will be leading a sesshin at San Diego Aikikai.  If you haven’t attended a sesshin before and are curious about sitting meditation please join us on Thursday evenings at 6:15 for zazen.


Regarding our transition to Zen Planner which is moving along well:

Some of you have already embraced electronic payments - thank you! - but we would like to encourage everyone else to switch to electronic payments as soon as possible - for this coming month of April would be great. Attached you will find our new fee schedule. You will notice that the monthly fees have increased slightly ($5 for adults and youth, $10 for Teens).  The increase is to compensate for inflation (Dojo fees have remained unchanged for over 5 years), and for the transaction fees we incur for using electronic payments.  This is the price of convenience.
By now you should have received an email from Zen Planner with login credentials.  Please contact us if you have not.  You will need it in order to use the system. Payments can be made using a bank account (EFT - Electronic Fund Transfer) or most major credit cards. As expected, there is a learning curve for all of us, so please be patient as we navigate the eccentricities of the platform and help you get on board.
For any emails concerning payment of dues please use the following email address: Mara and Noam will be receiving the emails and can address setting up your accounts or recurring payments.
And please remember that if anything strikes you as strange or wrong, it probably is.  So just ask!
- Sensei