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Dojo News for May

May 1, 2012

Dear Members - first of all thank you for all you did to ensure that our seminar with Didier Boyet Shihan was a success. It was a great weekend of training and he commented on the progress made by those students he recalled from the previous year's seminar.

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We also contributed to the Spring Sesshin with Zen Master Genjo Marinello which was held this year at San Diego Aikikai. This too, was an event, which required participation and group planning and went very smoothly.  It was a very strong weekend of meditation. I hope that we can interest more of you to attend next year.  Zazen meditation is a very complementary practice to Aikido.  If you are interested in trying zazen, please join our sitting group on Thursday nights, from 7:20 - 8:00 pm.

Friday May 18th through Sunday May 20th, an Instructors' Intensive is being held at Joshua Forge dojo hosted by Alex Peterson Sensei.  If you are interested please speak to me. It is by invitation only.

Saturday, the 12th May, Donna Ray, Feldenkrais master teacher, and former Aikido student, has generously offered to lead the first class. She will bring her insight and experience through Feldenkrais practice to our movements as aikidoists, making us more mindful of how we move while guiding us to more efficient and dynamic expression. This class is open to ALL students and I would especially like to invite our beginning students to participate in this class.  It starts at 10:15.

The weekend of May 26/27th, the dojo will be closed for a non-Aikido event.  Saturday classes will be held outdoors at the Del Mar park on 15th street.  RC will be sending out further information shortly.

The dojo will be closed on May 28th in honor of Memorial Day.

An email has just come through from George Lyons Sensei, Chairman of the Teachers' Council and member of the Senior Council.  If there is anyone who thinks they can still make Summer Camp and hasn't yet registered, here is a final opportunity to get the reduced early registration rate:

'Hello Everyone, I’ve asked Robert Savoca Sensei and the Summer Camp team for a five day window to the reduced early registration rate.  If you missed the opportunity before this would be a good time.'

With appreciation,
- Sensei