Dojo News


July 14, 2012

Update:  The following weekend another test was held and we are very happy to congratulate Nate for his promotion to nidan!

  • Nate - Nidan

After an intense and energetic day of testing, we are happy to congratulate the following dojo members on their succesful testing and promotion:

  • Jan - Shodan
  • Sara - Shodan
  • Daniel - Shodan
  • Zana - Nikyu

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and give their support! Click here for photos from the test.


Good job everyone!!! I'm so proud of all of us!
And thank you for all the members, who came to support us. We could not have done it without you!

When an examiner conducts a test and truly feels engaged in it, is a part of it, it has to be a good test. And it was. Everyone fully committed, well prepared and alive! Congratulations to all of you who tested: Zana, Sara, Daniel and Jan, and to all of you who took ukemi without hesitation. The spirit of your practice has energized the dojo.
Let's keep it up!
- Sensei

Congratulations, Nate! I was honored to be part of it...!!!

To everyone: I do wish I could have been there, and would have except for another commitment.

Nate: It is such a pleasure to be with you on the mat. In many ways you are a perfect student; passionate and so eager to learn. Although it will be difficult to lose you, it is, on the other hand like sending a messenger out to wherever you go next. For the rest of your Aikido days you will be representing us, and that's a good thing. There will always be a little bit of all of us in the dojo with you when you train. Maybe you will be able to sense us there sometimes. Congratulations on your promotion. I will miss you.

Jan: I can remember when you started training in San Diego. You are one who did not surprise me when you came back, especially to North County Aikikai, which is where you truly belong. Your Aikido is good and improving every time I see you. Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion.

Sara: I remember when you started training too. You were a little shy and hesitant then, but somehow you made that a part of your strength instead of letting it be a weakness. Your gentle spirit is still there, but your movements are martial now. Coryl Sensei E-mailed me after the test that you were "elegant". I can't think of a better word for your Aikido. It is such a pleasure to see you train.

Daniel: I've only trained with you a couple of times, but it is clear you are an important part of the dojo and your Aikido is improving quickly. Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion.

Zana: I can remember when you started coming to adult classes from children's classes. How someone could do that without being intimidated I don't know, but I don't believe it bothered you at all. It feels to me like you are learning Aikido your own way, and not trying to emulate anybody else in particular. In your case that will take you a long way. You should be proud of everything you have accomplished at such a young age.

Sensei: Congratulations on the accomplishments of your students. I am proud of all of them, including those who didn't test and proud to be a part of your dojo. I am looking forward to seeing the DVD of the test.

Thank you so much, Norm-Sensei, for your warm comments. I truly wish that you could have been there, but I felt your present in spirit. Please come and visit us again soon.

Norm Sensei, What a wonderful commentary for all of us students.Thank you for your kind words. I too believe NCA is where I belong. It was a truly momentous day. I was very happy to share it with Sara, Daniel, and Zana who all had such wonderful tests. (I just watched the video today!) I hope we see you soon!

Jeremy, Mark and Kevin,
Congratulations on your promotions. It is so rewarding to see everyone grow and progress.
Hope to see you soon.