Dojo News for January

January 1, 2014
The dojo will be reopening for regular practice on Saturday, January 4th.  We are very fortunate that Leslie Cohen Sensei has accepted our invitation to conduct the first class of the New Year.  This is the practice that helps us focus on letting go of our attachments to the past year in order to be open  to the fresh opportunities that lie ahead.
I hope that you will all be able to attend either for all, or part, of the Bridge Seminar (Friendship Seminar) at Jiai Aikido in San Diego.  Not only will you be supporting your sensei who is an invited guest, but you will also benefit from experiencing teachers and practicing with students from other schools of Aikido. Please go to their website to see a further breakdown of attendance fees.  If there is anyone who would like to attend but is held back by financial concerns, please speak to me.
Congratulations to all of you who have been promoted recently to San Dan:
  • Tammy Kohn, Melbourne, Australia (October 2014)
  • Tim Reynolds (October 2014)
And in the New Year's Promotions, also to San Dan:
  • Kevin Liu
  • Mark Drake
  • Jeremy Cail
Congratulations to:
  • Ben Kunkel promoted to Shodan on the 21st December, 2013
Congratulations also to those who passed testing December 7, 2014: 
  • Cameron McKenzie 5th kyu
  • J.L. Espinosa 4th kyu
  • Ben Powers 4th kyu
  • Bryce Walker 4th kyu
And lastly, a big thank you to all of you who have contributed to the growth of the dojo this past year.  Either by teaching or by contributing to the smoother running of its organization.  I think that this coming year will see further development on all fronts!
Wishing you all peace, hope, love and joy in the New Year,


December 11, 2013

Many of the members at North County Aikikai tested on December 7th. We are proud to announce the following promotions:

Junior Members:

  • Yellow: Sasha, Paul, Claire
  • Orange: Rory, Blake, Ren
  • Blue: Logan, Sai
  • Red: Ethan, Sabrina

Senior Members

  • 5th Kyu: Cameron
  • ​4th Kyu: Ben, Bryce, JL

Dojo News for December

December 1, 2013

December is here, but Thanksgiving is still in our bellies! Hope you all had a special time with your families and friends and are looking ahead to some good training. Here is our upcoming schedule through the New Year:

  • We have testing next Saturday, December 7 - please come and support our testers! We need everyone's participation for ukemi. Special thanks must go to our senior members, R.C., Jan, Sara and Daniel, who have been working tirelessly to prepare our students for their tests. I am very much looking forward to seeing them.
  • December 14, 15 - Seminar at San Diego Aikikai with Lizzy Lynne sensei. Flyer to come.
  • December 21 - last class of this year. Holiday Party in the works! Details forthcoming.
  • The dojo will be closed from December 23 through January 4, 2014. First class of the New Year will be on Saturday the 4th. However, during the holidays, the dojo will of course be available for practice under the guidance of a senior member. So watch out for posts as to when these might be.
  • Jiai Aikido in San Diego will be hosting their annual Bridge (Friendship) Seminar from January 16 through 20. I am very pleased to have been invited as a guest instructor along with Ikeda Sensei and Cindy Hayashi Sensei. I will share details as soon as I have them and hope to see you there. I look forward to this opportunity to train with students from other schools of aikido.

I wish you all an enjoyable and calm holiday season! - Sensei