Dojo News for August

August 3, 2012

Dear Members - first of all I want to congratulate Zana for passing her sankyu test,  Sara, Daniel and Jan for shodan, and Nate for nidan.  Their tests were inspiring to us all and a great credit to their consistent practice and preparation.

We hope to be showing a DVD of the testing at Saturday's celebration and goodbye party at Tim's house.  If you haven't heard about it yet, please contact Sara or ask at the dojo.  There is a sign-up sheet for food and drinks.

We also have some great photographs of the tests and these have been uploaded to our website. Please take the time to check our site.  It is changing all of the time.  We welcome your input.  Click here to view more photos from the test.

August is a relatively quiet month but plans are afoot for some Fall seminars.  I will let you know as soon as dates are confirmed.

Thank you and enjoy the summer.

- Sensei


Update:  The following weekend another test was held and we are very happy to congratulate Nate for his promotion to nidan!

  • Nate - Nidan

After an intense and energetic day of testing, we are happy to congratulate the following dojo members on their succesful testing and promotion:

  • Jan - Shodan
  • Sara - Shodan
  • Daniel - Shodan
  • Zana - Nikyu

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and give their support! Click here for photos from the test.

Dojo News for July

July 3, 2012

After a very busy first six months of the year hosting and/or attending six seminars (including Summer Camp), we are looking ahead, for the moment, to a quieter period with added focus on our personal training.

Please note the following:

  • The dojo will be closed this Wednesday, for the July 4th celebrations.
  • Saturday, July 14th, testing will be held at the dojo.  Please make every effort to attend and support our members testing.